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Pre-Move Customer Checklist

8 Weeks Before:

Sort & Organize: Begin to go through drawers, bins, etc.
Purge: Throw away anything that is trash or not needed anymore.
 Call and schedule a free estimate with a moving company.
 Contact children’s school for moving notice & request of records.

6 Weeks Before:

 Order packing supplies
 Contact utility companies
 Contact doctor for any medical records needed

4 Weeks Before:

 Start packing room by room
 Label all boxes with brief description and room destination
 Use up freezer items
 Measure large furniture pieces to confirm they’ll fit into new place
 Make arrangements for furry friends (pets)
 Donate: Drop off any donatables to donation centers near you

2 Weeks Before:

 Change your address with USPS
 Clean your rugs
 Take time off work for move day

1 Weeks Before:

 Finish packing
 Confirm with movers
 Visit pharmacy for any prescription refills

2-3 Days Before:

 Get rid of or move yourself any paint, aerosol cans, matches, alcohol, or propane tanks
 Disassemble furniture
 Get the keys for the new home

1 Day Before:

 Defrost freezer
 Unplug/disconnect large appliances
 Confirm with movers again